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kitkat® santa snowy cake

Finally, you can also experience a snowy Christmas... Make it a merry Christmas break with a mouth-watering shortbread base, topped with limey condensed milk, blanketed in meringue, and ringed with KITKAT® Santas.

Serves 10-12
Time 2h 45min

KitKat® Halloween Pie

This spooky break is a scream! A satisfying pumpkin pie topped with a web of chocolate icing and whole KITKAT® fingers.

Serves 8
Time 1h 45min

KitKat® Red Fruit Mousse

This is a real frothy treat, with frozen red fruits whisked together with smooth milk chocolate and crispy wafer and topped with chunks of KITKAT®. It’s a delicious break that makes an ideal Mother’s Day gift

Serves 4
Time 1h 15min

KitKat® Fruit Tartlets

Cups of crispy oats and KITKAT® wafers, filled with Greek yoghurt and the goodness of fresh fruit, and topped with KITKAT® pieces for a refreshing break that makes a tasty gift for Mother’s Day.

Serves 4
Time 30min
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