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Sophistication and extravagance go together like caramel and gold. Try the combination yourself when you take a very special break with our limited-edition KitKat® 4 Finger Caramel Gold Chocolate Bar.

Make your breaks bigger! Enjoy deliciously smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer and a layer of creamed peanut butter with our KITKAT ® Chunky Peanut Butter Chunky. Each bar features the perfect blend of salty peanut butter and smooth milk chocolate to create a tasty break that’s made for savouring.

Extravagance is to sophistication what gold is to caramel - perfectly complimentary. Try this very special combination next time you take a break with our limited-edition KitKat® 8 Finger Caramel Gold Chocolate Slab. 

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Milky and smooth. Go with what you know?