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Take a break, Grab a book (and have KitKat)

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Taking a break can be done in many different ways.

We understand people are diverse and have different preferences. We know some people like playing a quick game on their smartphones while others enjoy the odd completely random online quiz. Still others enjoy taking a break by reading a few pages from their current book. This is for you bookworms out there.

In the spirit of supporting you readers and helping you make the most of your break times, we thought we would compile a list of books that have a finger of humour, a dash of inspirational poetry, and an exploration of joy.

In no particular order:

1. The Best of Me, by David Sedaris
This collection of some of legendary comedian David Sedaris's best essays offers funny and strange stories that shed light on the wildness and strangeness of the lives we live.

2. Hello, Habits, by Fumio Sasaki
A new addition to the Japanese minimalist trend, this second book from Fumio Sasaki explores the best habits you can create to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.

3. The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig
What if you could redo your life? That's the premise of the fantasy story that takes heroine Nora to a library at the edge of the universe, where she can explore paths not taken to see if she really would be happier if she made better choices in life.

4. The Dogist, by Elias Weiss Friedman
We already know that our four-legged friends are the perfect companions when we need to relax, but sometimes we just can't have them by our side. For those moments, check out this beautiful photo book by @thedogist on Instagram. Every portrait of an adorable dog is sure to change a difficult day.

5. Tender at the Bone, by Ruth Reichl
This moving memoir by acclaimed food writer, Ruth Reichl, takes readers into her childhood kitchen, where her love of cooking and food began. Each engaging story will make readers laugh and may inspire cooking with your mother or tasting your first self-made soufflé. Warning: Your stomach may growl.

6. Deep Listening, by Jillian Pransky
In Deep Listening, Pransky, a renowned yoga teacher, shares her 10-step “Calm Body, Clear Mind, Open Heart” program to help people listen to their bodies and relax. This book includes journal prompts, meditation practices, and yoga poses.

7. Finally Relaxed!, by Luisa Feldkamp
In this book, you will explore relaxation and its counterpart, tension – or stress. Once in a while, we all tend to use these terms to describe how we are feeling. But do we actually know what we’re really talking about or complaining about? This easy read can help with getting you out of stressful situations and on the way towards a comfortable and easy daily life.

These reads might just be what you need to get yourself in a relaxed state and ready to take on the world. Don’t forget to have a KitKat in hand while doing it!



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